How to resolve E-1 error code on HD-55

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One of my HD-55 dehumidifiers gets in to a cycling mode of starting, running for a minute, displaying the E-1 error code (both on the dehumidifier itself and the remote control), stopping. Over and over. I understand it has to do with the humidity sensor, but your PDF's for the HD-55 block the location, etc. The least that you could do is provide purchasers (I've registered both of my units) a parts diagram and/or a video on trouble-shooting.

Asked on Jul 05, 2022 - 01:08:15am

Sorry for the inconvenience. If the sensor is faulty or the data is not accepted, please check if the connector at both ends of the sensor is loose, if not, you need to replace the sensor. For providing a parts diagram and/or a troubleshooting video we will update it, thank you for your valuable comments.

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