How to trigger a circulation fan when HD55 runs

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I am trying to circulate the dry air from the HD55 farther with an external fan. The external fan can be triggered with a standard low voltage Normally-Open (NO) contact relay (I only want the external fan "on" when the de-humidifier is running) From another Community questoin here, you state that A1/A2 are Normally Open (NO) and move to "closed" when the unit is running.

A1/A2 is the machine status output: when the dehumidifier is on, it gives a normally closed signal; when it's off, it gives a normally open signal.

Can those terminals be used to trigger a relay? If so, what voltage (mV?) would the contact closure A1/A2 supply?


Hi K,
A1/A2 is only a switching function and doesn't supply voltage. The external fan is connected separately to the power supply and connected to the A1/A2 terminal. When the machine is switched on, the external fan is switched on, and when the machine is switched off, the external fan is switched off.

Ok, so that would be a "dry contact" closure (no voltage across A1/A2). And yes, the fan is connected separately with 110v house power. So, I'm basically looking for a dry contact relay with 110v power. Sounds like I would need to get something like this:

Not sure if this is asking too much! Thanks for your help. I love my HD55.



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