Ice Build up on HDi90

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I have an HDi90 that I installed in a basment crawlspace 7 months ago. It has been running without issue until today. When I checked on the unit I noticed that it has a large block of ice on the left rear of the unit. The unit was still running, so I turned it off to let the ice melt. 

Any idea why the unit is icing up?

Asked on Mar 23, 2022 - 09:32:51pm

We're sorry to have caused you trouble. From your description, we suspect that there's a refrigerant leak. In order to more accurately determine the cause, please take photos to our technical staff for analysis. Sorry again!

Thank you for your response, The property where the unit is located is 3 hours from my home and I won't be there for a few weeks. I did take one picture that shows the ice build up the last time that I was there. This forum apperantly does nto allow me to paste the picture, so how can I get it to you?


Sorry for the late reply.  You can attach photos and email us at  

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