Normal evaporator coil operating temperature?

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I am curious to know what the normal operating temperature is for the evaporator coil on these Alorair dehumidifiers. It is available when using the Wi-Fi app on the Wi-Fi equipped models, or under the menus on the LCD only equipped models and is reported as coil temperature. I would greatly appreciate anyone's assistance who reports the temperature and what model it's from. Thanks.


The temperature sensing tube changes with the change of the ambient temperature. Usually, it is a normal state when the temperature is lower than 10℃ or more. That is, when the indoor environment is assumed to be 30℃, the temperature of the temperature sensing tube is below 20℃.

In response to the Alorair rep, what do you mean by "the temperature sensing tube"? To be clear, I asked what the operating temperature of the evaporator coil is in your dehumidifiers. 

Mine doesn't get below 41 I just got it today I think it's junk

I also want to know a normal temperature range given my basement is 65f and Rh~60. The lcd says coil temperature is 43f normally but I don't know how it's going get h20 out of the air in amounts advertised given that. I also have very versatile little h20 in the bucket since pluging 12hr ago

Really would be nice to get some replies her alorair! 

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