not removing water HD55

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I have a sentinel HD55 less than 3 months old. 75 deg F 65% humidity (Florida) reading on the lcd readout. Plenty humid and within normal range. I turn the unit on and set it to CO (continuous). I hear the compressor kick on (though Im unsure if its cycling off later, I do not hear it cycle off). Worked great for several weeks, now

No water ever coming out of drain hose, not a drop

Filter is clean, when I remove the filter there is no freezing or any water on the coils afer running for a while

Comp light, Cont Defrost, and Power lights, all 3 on 

Any help appreciated. 


following up to my original post, My unit is stuck on defrost mode, when i remove the filter there is no ice, ambient temps above 70 at all times, doesnt cycle on at all

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