not removing water HD55

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I have a sentinel HD55 less than 3 months old. 75 deg F 65% humidity (Florida) reading on the lcd readout. Plenty humid and within normal range. I turn the unit on and set it to CO (continuous). I hear the compressor kick on (though Im unsure if its cycling off later, I do not hear it cycle off). Worked great for several weeks, now

No water ever coming out of drain hose, not a drop

Filter is clean, when I remove the filter there is no freezing or any water on the coils afer running for a while

Comp light, Cont Defrost, and Power lights, all 3 on 

Any help appreciated. 


following up to my original post, My unit is stuck on defrost mode, when i remove the filter there is no ice, ambient temps above 70 at all times, doesnt cycle on at all

Hi Jim, Exact same issue here. Darn thing is always running. If I hit "Drain" button to manually force the unit to drain, lots of water comes out, but not automatically. Almost like the drain switch is malfunctioning.

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