Sentinal HD55 Frozen?

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My HD55 is a solid sheet of ice on the intake filter. I just last week installed a brand new MERV 8 filter. What causes it to freeze? How do I prevent this? My HD55 is typically set on 50% and runs as needed year round. 

Asked on May 14, 2022 - 05:27:35am

 The icing of the machine is probably caused by partial leakage of refrigerant.

I am having same issue with my aloair sentinel hd55.  The filter is icing up.  
The unit is only about 1 year old.

is there a solution to the leaking refrigerant?

Can you send a replacement and we can send back the broken unit?


Hi Robert, could you please provide the order number?

Mine is freezing up also 

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