STORM ELITE WI-FI won’t work

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Hey does anyone know how I can get direct mode on this thing to work?  Tried the instructions (holding purge and menu for 3-5s) to no avail.  I can not even get the HotSpot to switch from off the on.  Once I get to that part of the menu on my Big LCD, it just won't change from Hotspot Off.  please help @seventreyzero (IG)  got quite a few extra of these we're looking to sell or trade Anywhere in The Jefferson State. 💪


Hi Louis, sorry for the inconvenience. For running the direct mode to make the hotspot switch from off to on, you don't need to press and hold Purge and Menu. Please click on the link to watch our how-to video, If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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