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Hi, I set huminity to 50, the unit is coming on and off every 5 mins, can it not wait until huminity hits 55 instead of 51. On and off every few mins can burn more electricty, it there is setting for this,. I have a HD55 unit.


I also have the Sentinel HD55 with the same issue.   I have only been using it for a little over a month.  The unit will come on for about 4 minutes, lowering the humidity 3% below the setting.  Then the fan will continue to run after the compresor shuts off.  Then the humidity steadily climbs to about 4% above the setting for the next 2 minutes.  This means the humidity has climbed 7% in 2 minutes.  This is not reasonable because my external hygrometer remains steady during that same time period.  The cycle starts over again and repeats itself, meaning about every 6-7 minutes it turns on and off.  This does not seem to make sense.

Wondering if u ever got this issue resolved? I have the hd90 running for about a month in the crawl space and it does the same thing. On and off about every 4 minutes showing a humidity swing of 8 % points. i know this is not correct because I have other hydrometers down there. Also I can turn it off for 24hrs and the humdity level will only change 3 or 4 points. very frustrating on a new unit. Icontacted alorair and they are suppose to b sending me a new humdity sensor. Hope it fixes it.

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