Troubleshooting E4 error code on my HDI65 unit

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This dehumidifier has been working well in keeping our basement dry since last Fall, but now it is showing an E4 code every couple days.  If I press the Drain button, it drains correctly, and after one or two cycles the E4 code is cleared for some time.  The E4 code impies that the unit it not draining properly, I guess the internal water level is hitting some shutoff level.  Is there something that I can inspect to clear any blockage?  The outlet hose sits in a loop on the same level as the unit, and then drops down to a drain.  It drains just fine when I manually drain it, and I can see the water flowing.

Thanks for your help.

Asked on Mar 22, 2022 - 09:18:29pm

We're sorry for causing you trouble. You can take out the water tray to check whether there's a blockage, sprinkle a little dredge powder, and then drain the water. Replace the water tray by referring to the video.

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