Wifi Connection to Storm Ultra

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Just received my Storm Ultra and it is doing a great job in my basement. Try to connect the unit via WiFi with the app and was having so much trouble; Direct worked, though. Called customer support (great team) and was told that the current viersion (1.0.6 (1131) does not support and version of IOS 15 or greater and that the app is in the process of being updated. Has anyone had success in connecting with their Apple Iphone with Rev 15.5?


Sorry for the inconvenience, we will try our best to improve and update our WiFi app technology.

I just bought two Storm Pros last week, and was unable to connect to them via direc OR wifi, with iOS 15.5. It sees the device wifi ssid "hiflying_softap" and joins it, but then never seens the MAC of the dehumidifier. The instructions arent the easiest to follow either. When trying to connect directly, iOS never even sees a wifi ssid called "HF-LPT230" to attempt a join.

This is the first I am seeing that ios 15.5 is a problem at all.

When can we expect an upgrade to the app to support iOS 15.5??

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