Why does power indicator light blink

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The power indicator light flashes continously. The unit has reached the 50percnt setting I set. Is the flashing of the light normal


Sorry for the trouble caused to you, may I ask which machine you bought? This is convenient for our technicians to provide you with more professional solutions.

Sentinel HD 55 120p 

I went into crawlspace a few minutes ago I lowered the setting to 45 percent to make sure the machine turned and indeed it did.  I'm going to be leaving tomorrow for a few weeks and I want to be certain the machine will perform as it should 

Sorry for the late reply. We suggest that continuous operation mode can be enabled on the premise of ensuring safe use of electricity in the space.  

I dont understand the response given.

  The question is. Does the power indicator light flash after the desired setting of 50 percent is reached  and then become a solid green light while the unit is on to lower the percent to the desired setting.      Thanks

When the machine detects that the space humidity is lower than the set humidity, the compressor stops working, and the fan is shut down one minute later. At this time, the green indicator blinks. When the machine detects that the ambient humidity is greater than or equal to the set value +3, the machine restarts, and the power indicator light becomes a solid green light.

Excellent  thank you for you response. That's what I assumed but wasn't sure

You are most welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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